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KOURO Property Solutions have a mixture of newly-renovated, modern homes for sale, as well as other homes where you can do your own renovations to your liking, or we can renovate the property for you.


8 Deodar Avenue, Bryanston
Unit 71, Stonewood Estate, Blue Hills
973 Geldenhuys Street, Strubens Valley
108 Barkston Drive, Blairgowrie
73 Boerneef Avenue, Helderkruin
28 Valencia Estate, Sunninghill



KOURO Property Solutions have a wide range of rental units available ranging from 1 - 2 bedroom apartment-style units to larger family-type homes. Majority of our rental units have been renovated with stunning finishes to promote open-plan, modern living.



14 Cooper Avenue, Fontainebleau
11 Nora Street, Blairgowrie
11 Van Der Stel Street, Kensington B
11 Hollywood Drive, Northcliff

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