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KOURO Property Group try to keep up and maintain a strong media presence to make as many people aware as possible of how we can assist them with all things Property! Have a look at some of our previous media campaigns.






We were nominated for the 2019 SAPIN Investor of the Year Award in the Beginner category and we came in the Top 3.

The annual Investor of the Year Awards aimed to shine a light on those willing to be brave, bold, and tenacious when forming deals. There were various categories to ensure everyone, from the beginners to the innovators, could take part in last year’s event. An independent panel of judges looked at each individual deal, aiming to find the most successful and inspiring deals and achievements.

The event was hosted on 28 November 2019 at Melrose Arch, Johannesburg.


MixFm 93.8

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We appeared on Graham Alexander’s ‘Building Joburg’ show on MixFm 93.8 on Wed 20 Nov 2019 alongside Andrew Walker of the South African Property Investors Network (SAPIN) to give a brief insight on what we have to offer the Property Industry and to discuss our nomination for the 2019 SAPIN Investor of the Year award.
Building Joburg has been a regular on Mix93.8 since 2009 and has grown increasingly popular over the years thanks to the show’s loyal listeners. The show is predominantly about the Building Environment and presents a platform for people to connect and share useful information for both home owners and professionals.



All About Property

We appeared on ‘All About Property’ on Monday 6 April 2020 where we discussed the different options sellers have when attempting to sell their home.


All About Property provides advice, insight, solutions and offerings to home buyers, sellers, investors, landlords and tenants. In this new season Cornelius is joined by his new co-host, Sylvia Milosevic.


As an avid property investor herself, Sylvia brings a whole lot of passion and insight to the show. Together, Cornelius and Sylvia, continue to chat to the property experts to help you make your next property transaction so much easier.



The Importance of Good Tenants

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Good tenants are the bread and butter of a thriving property portfolio. This article explains the importance of attracting and keeping good tenants at your property investment.

If you are an investor seeking to lease out your property, your choice of tenant is just as important as the choice of the property investment itself.

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What Questions Investors Need To Ask Themselves Before Investing In Property

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Property has been around as an investment option through the ages but that doesn’t mean that it makes it any easier when looking into opportunities and choosing what to invest in.

Property is a very vast sector and the first question that investors need to ask themselves once they decide why they want to invest in property; is what sector of property they want to invest in.


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Property as an asset class


Why Property is still the best Asset class to invest in

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Unused office space has for some time being converted into residential dwellings and this is likely to continue. If not converted in its entirety, at least lessened to a large degree creating more of a diverse mixed-use set up. The same is likely of retail and commercial space and this transformation is already under way. Gone are the days of large shopping malls. What we will continue to see is an amalgamation of multiple property segments diversifying the risk of investors and landlords.


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payment holiday

Why you shouldn't take up a payment holiday

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For the past few weeks we have all been busy scrambling around trying to make some sense of the economic mess that COVID-19 has led us into. Debate goes back and forth on whether the government are doing the right thing or not but I think we can all agree that balancing the health threat of the virus and the economic repercussions of it, is a damn-near impossible task.


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Investing in Property

Why Property?

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I was recently interviewing a candidate for a position at KOURO and during the interview, I asked her if she had any questions for me since I had been the one asking all the questions. She replied and asked, “Why Property? What inspired you to go into it?”


I was surprised by the question as usually one expects a candidate to ask something technical about the position or the company and not really ask something of a personal value.


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Randburg Sun

Randburg Sun

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