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How do contractors join KOURO Homes?
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How do suppliers join KOURO Homes?


KOURO Homes serves to assist contractors by providing them with a system that promotes a new way of working. Using cutting-edge technology, detailed systems and leveraging off of a large knowledge base of the building industry, KOURO Homes gives contractors the opportunity to receive numerous bookings with potential clientele through simply partnering with KOURO Homes.
KOURO Homes takes away the burden of contractors constantly trying to find the balance between completing current jobs and hunting for the next one. Our systems allow contractors to focus on what they do they best, whilst we focus on attaining new business, setting up meetings for contractors and handling all the administrative work that inevitably comes with managing contracting work and takes contractors away from their main core focus.
We do vast amounts of marketing through various channels and mediums to attract new clientele. We also receive large amounts of referral work due to the projects undertaken through our KOURO Property Solutions Division.
This has helped build trust and a strong reputation with property owners that KOURO work with the best contractors in the game and that the public can now benefit from this too. Through our advanced systems, we totally eradicate the risk of contractors not getting paid by clientele by ensuring that we receive full payment from the client upfront, giving contractors piece of mind that they will get paid for the work done, so long as it’s done to the expected and promised standard.


All contractors that aspire to work with KOURO Homes need to go through a vigorous vetting and application process where only the best of the best contractors will make it through this process and be eligible to service KOURO Homes Clients.
The first step in the application process is to attain as much information from the contractors as possible which is done via our website. The contractor will then receive all of the relevant information required to set themselves up on the KOURO Homes system and will take a quiz at the end to determine their understating of it.