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Project Name: 73BAH
73 Boerneef Avenue, Helderkruin
Project Date:
November 2019
Status: Sold


73 Boerneef Avenue
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The story behind this deal outlines the power of communication. We handed out some flyers in Florida, where a man came across it and read through it. He saw what our service offering was and friends of his in Helderkruin sprung to mind. He was aware that they were looking to sell their house as they were struggling to keep up with the bond payments and overall maintenance of the house and he saw our offering as an opportunity for us to assist his friends. After passing on the flyer to them, they were almost ready to list their house on the market when they decided to give us a try and see what we could do for them.


We scheduled a viewing of the property, to assess the condition of the home, as well as to understand their needs and how best we can structure a deal to suit everybody’s objectives and desired outcomes. We were happy to know we were able to come to a resolution on the purchase price and terms of sale to create a win-win scenario. Once we got early occupation, we decided to do very minor electrical touch ups on the property as well as to clear the house out a bit and neaten it up. Once this was done, we decided to market the property for sale with the idea in mind that a prospective buyer could purchase the property from us and put their own stamp on it.


After about a month of having the property on the market, a young man by the name of Lucky fell in love with the home and decided he just had to have it. After some negotiation, we agreed on a fair purchase price for both parties and we helped Lucky secure his dream home!

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