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Matt Koury


2019 SAPIN Investor of the Year Finalist

As a young, energetic, and determined property entrepreneur, Matt is on a mission through his co-founded company, KOURO Property Group, to achieve what no other South African property entrepreneur has been able to do.


He has a passion for real estate investment and development and believes the time has now come for one player to become the pioneer distressed property investment company in the country.

By age 30, Matt has already done and seen a lot in the property sphere. From buying, selling, letting, and flipping property; he has had many successes and just as many failures on what has been a relatively short but fruitful journey thus far. Matt’s learnings have come from the grassroots, without any formal property training, and has found this to be the best way to build his promising property career.


2019 SAPIN Investor of the Year Finalist

I wake up everyday to do something that I love. I resemble construction, growth and empowerment in everything I do and have the wonderful opportunity to think of all the creative ways in which I can help people and grow as a benefit of it.


Through this I get to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.


My main focus is in Property Development and Redevelopment, Structural Engineering and Green lifestyle mixed-use design.

Shane Rodger