How Do Payments Work?

Since KOURO Homes operates independently from its Contractor-Partners, we ensure that both client and contractor are protected equally by requesting payment of the quotation in full before the commencement of works plus an additional 15% Variation Allowance on the project total.

KOURO Homes retains full payment as a means to prevent clients from paying contractors directly, and running the risk of having contractors abscond with their money. This also protects contractors from completing works and running the risk of not getting paid by the client in full, so long as the work is completed in accordance with the scope of works.

The Variation Allowance is a percentage that is retained by KOURO Homes in case of any changes to the scope of works that is requested by the client or agreed upon by both client and contractor. Whatever portion of this allowance that is not used at the end of the project, will be refunded to the client.

By paying the quotation in full, the client agrees that we may pay a deposit to the contractor for the works to be completed. Should the contractor default in any way, at any point, KOURO Homes will provide a new contractor to complete the works at no additional cost to the client.

All further payment draws will be based on actual work completed by the contractor and payment to the contractor will require the authorization of the client.

Some of the additional benefits of our payment system are:

• Less administration work required from the client when only a once-off payment is required
• Chances of delays on the project due to late payments or changes to the scope of works are reduced drastically
• Accountability for the contractor to perform as per the scope of works is significantly increased