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What Do We Do?

KOURO Homes is a division of KOURO Property Group that focuses on doing property renovations for home owners that are looking for quality, affordable renovation work, big or small, done on a professional level. We are also able to assist home owners through our trusted partners, to attain bond finance on their dream home, municipal refunds once they’ve sold their home and property inspections on any home they’re longing to buy and more!
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How can we help?

Being in the building industry, makes us all too aware of the problems regular people face when attempting to renovate their homes. Contractors often run away with money, overcharge unsuspecting clients and deliver a poor standard of work.

We understand and we are here to help by providing the public access to our contractors who do work for US on our OWN projects.

Our contractors are carefully vetted, trusted and come with a long track record and plenty of experience.

KOURO Homes are now at your service!


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